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Terms and Conditions

Responsibility: with address at 5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite #300. Miami, Florida informs that the personal data provided by its customers, employees, suppliers and any other person with whom it maintains a commercial, labor, patrimonial or business relationship that are required to comply with the obligations arising from various contracts and agreements entered into between individuals and the various entities that make up this group of companies, will be treated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Laws. counts on mechanisms to assure the confidentiality of the personal data that are provided to them, even the sensitive ones, being these protected by administrative, technical and physical safety measures, to avoid its damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or undue disclosure.

Only authorized persons will have access to such data for the exclusive purpose of the services provided and the activities as a travel agency., is responsible for the information and personal data that it possesses, collects or will collect from individuals and that are necessary, mainly for the proper conduct of operations and provision of services that it has contracted or contract with them, as well as for the conclusion of the other acts that any of those responsible can perform under the applicable laws and its bylaws.

Such personal data may have been or may be obtained from its customers, suppliers or employees, as the case may be, either personally or directly by any electronic, optical, sound, visual means or through any other technology.

The treatment of the personal data collected by will be the one that is necessary, appropriate and relevant for the fulfillment of the purposes that are mentioned next, as well as to different purposes that are compatible or analogous to the same ones, without being required to obtain the consent of the holder.

Purpose of the personal data

The performance of each and every one of the operations and the provision of services.

The performance of quality surveys, service or any other type related to the products offered, the services provided and acts held, as well as the development and implementation of information and statistical analysis processes derived from such surveys.

The revisions and corrections required to update data or for greater knowledge of the owners, both for legal and security purposes.

For marketing or advertising purposes consisting of the offering and promotion of products or services of, and our various suppliers.

Any complementary or auxiliary activity necessary for the realization of the above purposes.

Rights of the holders

The holders will be able to exercise their rights of access to the personal data that are in possession of the person in charge; rectification any of the personal data that is inaccurate or incomplete; cancellation of some of their personal data if it is not foreseen in some legislation as obligatory or opposition to the treatment of their personal data for legitimate cause, which will be able to carry out contacting to the following telephone numbers: +515 758 5234.

To carry out the requests of exercise of any of the mentioned rights, the following requirements will be necessary:

Name of the holder and address or other means to communicate the response to your request.

Documents proving the identity or, as the case may be, the legal representation of the holder.

Clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which it seeks to exercise any of the rights set forth in the Law.

Any other element or document that facilitates the location of the personal data.

The holder may also choose at any time to limit the use or disclosure of their personal data, for which they must request it through the same means, provided that it is not contrary to the provisions of current legislation.

Other procedures

By virtue of this Privacy Notice, the holder accepts that his/her data may be transferred in the understanding that the responsible entities will communicate this privacy notice and the purposes to which the holder subjected his/her data treatment when dealing with third parties other than the person in charge and that the third party will assume the same obligations that correspond to the responsible party that transferred the data, so that the data treatment will be made in accordance with what is agreed in this privacy notice.

Data transfers may be carried out without the consent of the owner, when it is necessary by virtue of a contract entered into or to be entered into in the interest of the owner, by the responsible institution and a third party or when it is required for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between the responsible party and the owner. In the event that sensitive personal data is requested, the holder must give his express written consent for its treatment, through his autograph signature or electronic signature.

The change of the present notice of privacy will be able to be carried out by, at any time and it will be made of your knowledge by any of the following means:

With a visible message or note on our website;

By telephone, either directly by company personnel or a recording.

We recommend, permanently review the content of this privacy notice on our website at It will be understood that the owner tacitly consents to the processing of their data, when having made available this privacy notice, does not express its opposition.


Prices: per person based on double occupancy or per room, as indicated in each case, in U.S. dollars (USD), subject to availability and changes without prior notice, and/or rate increase by service providers, variable according to categories and travel dates. High season, long weekends and holidays supplements apply. Prices do not include visas, airport taxes, entry or exit taxes of each country, vaccination certificates, food and beverages not specified or special diets, optional excursions or any other service that does not appear in the "includes" section corresponding to each program.

Visits and Excursions: as indicated in each program, with the assistance of local Spanish-speaking guides. Visits indicated as "optional" or "suggested" are not included. Some of the attractions included in the programs such as National Parks, private reserves, museums, palaces, etc., may be closed on certain days of the week for maintenance. If the availability and operation of the itinerary allows it, the visits will be scheduled on one of the other days of the trip. If this is not possible, such visits or excursions will not be reimbursed.

Transfers: if included in the program, transfer services to/from the airport are scheduled based on flight arrival and departure times. It is the passenger's responsibility to locate the carrier, who will be properly identified. Passengers who for any reason do not make contact with the carrier, who have suffered any delay in their flights, who have had any problem in the hotels or contracted services, must report it immediately to the passenger assistance number indicated on their service voucher. No claim or request for reimbursement will be accepted if the passenger does not comply with this requirement.

Travel documents: it is the responsibility of the passenger to provide the necessary information for compliance with the legal requirements of your trip as well as passports, visas, health permits, etc., with the validity stipulated by the authorities of the Republic of Panama and the countries of destination and / or transit. disclaims any responsibility for problems and / or additional costs that may arise from incomplete documentation or by the decisions of the immigration authorities of any country.

Cancellations and/or alterations: at any time the user or consumer can cancel the requested or contracted land services. However, in some itineraries it is not possible to make changes, cancellations or refunds. In cases where it is possible to cancel, you will be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid, whether it is the total price or the anticipated advance, but must compensate the Agency for all management fees, plus cancellation fees that are generated, being free of cancellation fees if made before 30 days of the start of the trip, except in itineraries with internal flights. Between 29 and 16 days prior to the date of travel, a cancellation fee of 25% of the total cost of the trip will be charged.

Between 15 and 8 days prior to the travel date, 50% of the total cost of the trip will be charged. Between 7 and 4 days prior to the travel date, 75% of the total cost of the trip will be charged. Within 72 hours prior to the travel date, the expenses will be those corresponding to the total cost of the trip. No Show will result in the total loss of the amount paid. There are programs that may be subject to stricter cancellation policies, please consult the conditions of each service and/or reservation.

When the wholesale operator, for reasons of force majeure or for a better development of the services indicated, is forced to alter the order of the same and even to suspend any of its excursions or part of them, it will only be responsible for reimbursing the passenger, the amount corresponding to the excursion or the parts of the same not enjoyed.

Refunds and claims: any anomaly in the services will have to be reported immediately to the operator in destination and later to In case of proceeding some refund, it will always be processed in writing or mail to maximum 30 days from the date of completion of the trip, always presenting original supporting documents on the services that are requested for reimbursement. Services not used by the passengers' own decision are not refundable.

Responsibilities: and its local operator at destination, explicitly declare that they act as intermediaries between the user of these services and the entities or persons called to provide the services included, such as transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, other travel agencies, etc., therefore, is committed to request the specified services and according to the availability of the same, as well as to hire them on behalf of the user. If for reasons of force majeure, the providers of the contracted services could not provide partially or totally the services contracted by the organizing wholesale operator, it will only manage on behalf of the user the reimbursement of the amount that proceeds with exclusion of any other commitment. The operator declines all responsibility for: delays, cancellations, strikes or impossibility of the contracted transport companies, being the responsibility of the passengers the expenses that are originated. The wholesale operator will provide guidance and assistance to passengers, declining all responsibility for damages, injuries, accidents or irregularities that may occur to the passenger during the execution of the services. Likewise, it declines any responsibility derived from non-compliance by the user of the regulations or conditions established by each of the contracted service providers.


Optional activities that may involve some risk: depending on the program, there may be the possibility of carrying out some optional activities available in the places to visit, some of which may involve some kind of risk such as horseback riding, hiking at altitude, river canoeing, among others. It is important to specify that the decision to participate in any of these tours or visits is the sole responsibility of each passenger, therefore will not assume any responsibility for the occurrence of any mishap during the realization of the same.

Natural disasters or acts of major force: will not be responsible for the occurrence of any natural disaster or acts of major force, activities established by mandate of the government or local authorities, wars, civic disturbances, terrorist acts, strikes, assaults, robberies, epidemics, quarantines, adverse climatological conditions, damages for incidences in trips by sea, land, air or other similar ones that are out of control. When the wholesale operator is the one who cancels a trip or excursion of any nature, for reasons beyond the tourist's control, it shall be obliged to reimburse the totality of the advances or payments that have been made.

Validity of rates: according to each publication.

Important information:


Three days before your flight it is advisable to reconfirm schedules with the airline company.

We recommend that you arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance for international flights and 2 hours in advance for domestic flights, presenting the current documentation required by the immigration authorities.

All passengers are subject to the decisions of the immigration authorities of each country, so the operator has no responsibility for the consequences of the actions of that body.